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The mind of an Artist….

Do I question myself? Of course I do….You must understand that it’s not enough sometimes giving all your heart to an art piece. In fact, I have realized that the best pieces come out when my mind its not at work, and my heart feels brainless.

The contradiction occurs when the mind wants something, and it doesn’t come to good terms with the heart.

Some art pieces become a challenge because the Artists know its not something that has been done before. The challenge is not to create what exists, but to create what doesn’t exist. I have also realized that if it makes sense, I have failed myself on my creation; It is quiet complicated to be an Artist. I have come to understand that the less I use my mind, the more sense the final painting makes by becoming the one thing that never crossed my mind. Maybe its the surprise factor the one that excites me, or maybe its simply how the mind of an artist works.48 x 36 Acrylic on Canvas, Nathalie Garcia (

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