The Elevator

Ring Ring, it’s 5AM, snooze 5 more minutes. Ring Ring, get up, make coffee, wake up. Ring Ring, dont think, just do; Im walking, I’m sleepy. Get dressed, wake up my son gentle, so he wakes up with a smile, feed him, do my hair, get him ready, convince him why its important to go to school, take out the dog, ready, lets go….

Open the door, “mom, my shoes!!!”, oops, forgot the shoes…. and the story goes on and on… Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Yes, its Friday, snap its Sunday. August it’s over, hello November, Adios 2017.

Because life goes like a dream, because it’s on and off like open and close, find a way to live.

“Time” Acylic on cardboard

Copyright © Nathalie Garcia 

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