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Quite, I want to listen. Silence, I need to feel. No, I’m not crazy, but call me crazy if that is how you would define real, then let it be crazy the defining word.

On the contrary, I have a different definition. Not only do I believe in a world where ego doesn’t define people, but I have already seen it. 

This project started working against all the odds, those that watched but didn’t support, those that watched but talked, those that watched but most need to see to believe right? Those that watched but tried to benefit from it; it happens. 

Having the feeling of fighting against everything to move forward a project and idea that only existed in my mind. I thought it was impossible to make it alone. But you must understand that this project has taken countless sleepless nights and many more sacrifices. A project that still has so much room for growth. Being still so little but so big when new Artists with amazing stories come to me and open up. The amazing thing is that for the most, they find me.

 I love it when they ask one question, how much is it? it never fails. I stop, I breath and I respond, you are in good hands. And from there, they listen and my story from iARTSWALL becomes real in another life. This is my legacy, it is my work and now it is my life.  (

“My paintings have the ability of making me feel confused, enlightend, lucky, frustrated, blessed, energetic, drained, mad, challenged, happy, alive….” Nathalie Garcia

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