The Elevator

Ring Ring, it’s 5AM, snooze 5 more minutes. Ring Ring, get up, make coffee, wake up. Ring Ring, dont think, just do; Im walking, I’m sleepy. Get dressed, wake up my son gentle, so he wakes up with a smile, feed him, do my hair, get him ready, convince him why its important to go… Read More The Elevator


Picasso in a Napkin

Imagine if there was a book written with our life in it. How many stories would you be able to tell?  I had a great conversation with an Artist today as she was telling me about why and how she became an Artist. It reminded me so much of my story, that I couldn’t help… Read More Picasso in a Napkin


Loosing Inspiration?

Art is simply a way of living by giving a touch of creativity mixed with bits of craziness. Some say an Artist plays with energies in order to create some pieces. Is there such a mistery to some Paintings? Do you remember what  Michelangelo said about this? Is it the painting itself that gets the… Read More Loosing Inspiration?


Let’s get real!

We focus so much energy in our dreams and goals, that we start feeling exhausted and yet we dont understand why. People like myself tend to be extremely passionate about the things they love and enjoy doing forgetting the real reason why we end up feeling so tired at times. We live in a world… Read More Let’s get real!


What is Art

SO, WHAT IS ART? by NATHALIE GARCIA 06/2017 From the creation that is initiated by an instinct, to all the politics to which art can fall into. Why is it that a natural instinct ends up falling into the trap of Society?  The more I learn about the politics, the less I want to become… Read More What is Art