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One simple rose

Let me hide in between my lines where the confusion finds comfort. Let me hide because Im afraid I have lost my way. Let me hide so the mist doesnt confuse me even more where the feelings and emotions hide unnamed. Let me hide because my thorns want to turn on me. Let me hide from the leaves that want to be kings/queens yet they feed from my long stem.

Let me hide because its cold and the wind shakes me like if it hadnt lived long enough to know. Let me hide because in the mist of confusion, I am hurt.

But let me not hide long enough, because when I spread my petals, the sun comes out. Let me not hide long because my shine is more beautiful than the pain my thorns can  cause. Let me not hide because my leaves without me turn yellow and die. Let me not hide because a rose is always sent home. Let me not hide, because while leaves pretend to be roses of the garden, I spread my petals like the wings of an angel.

Copyright © Nathalie Garcia 

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