About The Artist

NATHALIE GARCIA | B 1986 Havana, Cuba


“Living in a world where it’s not an easy task to follow one’s passion, the key is consistency and action…” Nathalie Garcia- Read/Follow My Blog

Nathalie Garcia, Artist

What is Art?

From the creation that is initiated by an instinct to all the politics to which art can fall into. Why is it that a natural instinct ends up falling into the trap of Society? The more I learn about the politics, the less I want to become a part of it. As an autodidact Artist, Art it’s not a job, yet in order to be accepted as an Artist, one has to have a title such as Emergent, Professional or Established. I am at the phase of my life in which I realized that the title, the politics and society itself end up being one of the things that sometimes cuts my inspiration.As an Artist, I create and do what I feel simply because I can. An Artist is the owner of it’s creation whether it is sold or not. An Artist is free to decide to do things his way.

Pablo Picasso was an autodidact artist that realized this. Even though he tried to become part of the Artist society by going for an art education, he simply didn’t have it in him, and started working on his own looking for his inner inspiration. In a society where an Artist has to work on the side, he/she has to keep up with a fast moving society. If an is busy in becoming a commercial professional, how is his/her work going to evolve to it’s full potential? Therefore, as an Artist I am taking the time that I need to prepare myself into the things that I love in order to have the inspiration and the necessary tools to evolve to my full potential; the only way of doing this, is to work at my own pace and my own way.

So what is Art?

Art is the tool an Artist has to find the truth of the self. Please know that this is my definition which applies to my reality; meaning every individual has it’s own reality. I’m not here to convince you that my reality is the correct one, but I am here to tell you the importance of finding and understanding your own reality.