Hold your breath just a little longer…

I had a dream 4 years and a few days ago that has never come off my mind. It taught me the importance of resistance and it continues to teach me the same lesson today. Things are never what they appear, or are they? Falling deep with my eyes closed, coming up from darkness. Feeling the touch of water in darkness, the feeling of not being able to breath.

One never knows the consecuences of our actions, things are never what they appear, one simple jump can become the darkest one, yet because things are never what they appear, I learned that in darkness beauty is never seen, but if you just hold your breath long enough, you will see.

“Close your eyes. Jump; i’m scared. Pull up your feet; someone held me. I’m afraid to touch the ground; I touched it, its not that scary. Push hard; I need to make it up. Im still scared; but someone hugged me. Open your eyes, im half way up and its beautiful, but Im running out of air. Swim harder, no more fears, this is a swim for your life now, fight, swim harder, give it all you got. It’s even more beautiful as I get to the surface, Im almost there, but I’m running out of air. Swim harder, hold on, almost there, uhhh, breath, Im alive, I made it. “

Its beautiful. The lake its not what it was when I jumped in, its sky is as blue as it could, its trees as green as it could, the sun is shinning as it could; I made it. I jumped as high as I could; a jump that’s only seen in movies. I was scared, I touched the bottom; I met darkness; I learned from darkness; I saw the light; I learned to see, I learned to feel; I learned to fight. And all I needed to do was to hold my breath just little longer; it’s called resistance.

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