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God is an Artist

My ship broke, and I found myself lost in this strange city. Then a storm came, and I was able to find shelter; and so I hid from the storm. I had protection and great company. 

He was sad and crying, I gave him a brush and a canvas, and I told him to paint. I promised he would feel better. Sometimes we don’t need a miracle to fix our lives, sometimes the miracle hides within us and all we need is just a little push to find it. 

He who I dearly loved so much was crying in pain, and so he was set free. 

1st person: Hey, you stole from me. 
2nd person: No, I left you a gift, and you haven’t even realized it.

1st person: can you please help me? I feel that I have lost my way. I want to go home and I cant find the way. 

2nd person: Pray, ask the sky those things that your heart desires; God will listen.

Copyright © Nathalie Garcia 

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