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Una simple rosa

Déjame esconderme entre mis líneas donde la confusión encuentra consuelo. Déjame esconderme porque tengo miedo de haber perdido el camino. Déjame esconderme para que la niebla no me confunda aún más donde los sentimientos y las emociones se esconden sin nombre. Déjame esconderme porque mis espinas quieren atacarme. Déjame esconderme de las hojas que quieren… Read More Una simple rosa

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One simple rose

Let me hide in between my lines where the confusion finds comfort. Let me hide because Im afraid I have lost my way. Let me hide so the mist doesnt confuse me even more where the feelings and emotions hide unnamed. Let me hide because my thorns want to turn on me. Let me hide… Read More One simple rose

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God is an Artist

My ship broke, and I found myself lost in this strange city. Then a storm came, and I was able to find shelter; and so I hid from the storm. I had protection and great company.  He was sad and crying, I gave him a brush and a canvas, and I told him to paint.… Read More God is an Artist


What is Art

SO, WHAT IS ART? by NATHALIE GARCIA 06/2017 From the creation that is initiated by an instinct, to all the politics to which art can fall into. Why is it that a natural instinct ends up falling into the trap of Society?  The more I learn about the politics, the less I want to become… Read More What is Art